Monday, May 28, 2012


Hunting shotgun is one of the most preferred firearms used by most hunters most especially for hunting birds and some animals as they are more effective than other kinds of guns. If you are in an area where hunting is allowed, sure that you will enjoy hunting activity once you have tried it. Hunting is an exciting activity. It can be rewarding in many ways if you are knowledgeable on how to do it.

If you choose to hunt for upland birds, there are various hunting shotguns you can use. However, the hunting shotguns will largely depend on the birds and the location of your hunting grounds, and on your personal comfort with the hunting shotguns you are carrying. Good hunting shotguns acquire different characteristics that you should keep in mind, and these are the following.

1. Look for hunting shotguns that is light, handy and easy to carry. When we talk of hunting shotguns, portability must come first. This is because when hunting for birds you need to make a lot of walks and need to be fast in order to draw and shot birds very quickly. The most ideal upland hunting shotguns weight is about 7 lbs. Remember to choose a gun that is just right for your size and overall strength. If you prefer to use heavier guns, then you must still be able to point and swing it accurately. The less a gun weighs the more kick or recoil it will produce.

2. Select on the right length. You can find various hunting shotguns in the market available for you. Some shotguns are longer than others while some are more compact. Ideally, for upland hunting, a shotgun which length up to 4 feet and not longer than it is a good choice. On the other hand, if you feel like using a longer shotgun, you can as long as you are larger and stronger enough to carry and handle it. But be aware that there are some shotguns that are simply too long for upland hunting and is really not advisable.

3. Choose the suitable gauge. What is gauge? The gauge or bore of a shotgun is simply a unit of measurement that tells the diameter of the barrel. Gauge size is equal to the number of lead pellets, when compacted into a shell, measure the same as the barrel's diameter. Many upland hunters have a collection of gauges they choose from. It greatly depend on you what to use. The most famous gauge are probably the 16 gauge. The 16 gauge shotgun will give you an adequate shot pattern, ideal for shooting quick birds on the fly at medium ranges. However, there are some who feels good shooting with gauges from 238 to 12.

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