Thursday, May 3, 2012


Here are few of the latest gun news across the whole world.

Angola: Over 100 Firearms Surrendered in Bengo

Caxito — During January 1 to April 22 this year, no less than 119 illegal firearms of different calibers in the hands of civilians in norther Bengo province were without restrained yielded to the National Police. Angop learned.

Marcos Domingos, Provincial Command of the National Police director for Public Order is the one who
make public of this information. According to the officer, since April 2008 when the nation operation begun, a total of 4,294 firearms have been already surrender in Bengo province. “This include ,450 firearms, 776 loaders 3,000 ammunitions and 888 explosive devices” added by the officer. This warfare were been destroyed by the Hallo-Trust already.

Ukraine, NATO to continue scrapping ammo under Partnership for Peace program

Ukraine- A significant agenda was signed between the Ukrainian Defense Ministry and the NATO Maintenance and Supply Agency (NAMSA) in Kyiv last Tuesday, Interfax-Ukraine learned at the Defense Ministry's press service.

The agreement is about wiping out the 76,000 tons of ammunition, 366,000 units of light weapons and small arms and three million antipersonnel mines during the second stage of the implementation of the Partnership for Peace program. The project's implementatipon will take about three to four years and an estimated cost of EUR 25 million.

The first stage of the implementation which was during the year of 2006 to 2011, some 400,000 units of small arms and 15,000 tonnes of ammunition were already destroyed.

And forecasting that within twelve years, in the fourth stage, the NATO Partnership for Peace Trust Fund project will scrap 133,000 tonnes of ammunition and 1.5 million units of light weapons and small arms in

Gingrich: Everyone on Earth Deserves Gun Rights

St. Louis- According to Gingrich, a former house speaker newt, the United Nation should accept agreement to give everyone on the planet the chance to armed theirselves a firearm. Last Friday, in St. Loius, the GOP preseidential candidate informed the National Rifle Association convention that the group has been hesitant in promoting the gun rights.

Gingrich said there would be fewer women raped, children killed and villages destroyed if everyone had the right to carry a gun. As per Gingrich, if everyone had the right to bring a gun, then there would be lesser women raped, children killed and villages destroyed.

California bans gun toting in public

California- Announced by Gov. Gov. Jerry Brown that last Monday he signed into law that bans handgun owners from openly carrying their weapons in public which include legislation approving a state version of the DREAM Act; banning the sale and possession of shark fins; a farm workers rights bill; limiting the use of tanning beds for those under 18 years old; and a union-backed bill prohibiting grocery stores from selling beer, wine or liquor using self-checkout lanes.

On the past rules, carrying unloaded handguns in public places had been allowed, but police chiefs and sheriffs objected to the rule because people felt frightened when they saw handgun in public places. “They are tied up dealing with calls from the public about gun-toting men and women in the coffee shop,” California Assemblyman Antony Portantino, who introduced the bill, said last month. “As law enforcement officials tell me, it’s not safe and someone is going to get hurt.”

These are the latest gun news and issues in some part of the world today. In buying a firearm like guns, it is advisable that you are aware of the gun laws within your country prior purchasing one. Safety must always come first.

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