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Online Poker Room Reviews: How to Choose an Online Site

Online Poker Room Reviews: How
 to Choose an Online Site - online blackjack for moneyAfter learning poker and loving it, you will soon discover that even when there are no home poker games at your friends', you can still practice or gamble in the comforts of your own home. Not everyone can be comfortable playing poker in a casino so good online poker sites can be a great alternative.

So, what are the online poker room reviews that you should know of and how does one choose a great, secure and reliable online site?

There are a number of factors you have to consider when choosing a poker room. The factors include software used by the poker site, the bonus or bonuses offered, number of people playing on the site and reputation. Let us help you with our online poker room reviews guideline on how to choose the best possible site for you.

Online Poker Room Review Guideline #1: Poker Software

In order for a site to be reliable, it needs a good software as its main machine. An online casino’s backbone is the software. It is what customers use every single time they log in. You use it for registration, for support, to choose a game and to distribute a bonus. A big time online casino will only get the services of well-tested, service-oriented software companies.

Online Poker Room Review Guideline #2: How Many People Are Playing?

The next important element to choosing the site is to find out how many people are playing on the poker site. I mean, you need other poker players to play poker right? The more players are playing, the better it is to find a player to match your skill and competency. The more players in an online site, the more people you can beat (as long as you avoid the players who can beat you). Gambling is a numbers game after all, so the more people to a sight, the more reliable that site appears.

Online Poker Room Review Guideline #3: Your choices of games are better.

This part is for those people who are not big fans of the Texas Hold em poker game variety. If you are already a fan of Holdem, then it doesn’t matter that your online site offers more variety. However, if you like less than common poker versions, like perhaps the Razz or 5 card draw, it is important that you find out if the online site you are supporting has that game. In the competitive world of online casino, there is bound to be a site that will have what you need. So, stop settling for just an ordinary gambling site and research well so that you can play at the exact conditions that you want.

Online Poker for Fun: Which is Better, Online Poker or Live Poker

Online Poker for Fun: Which is
 Better, Online Poker or Live Poker? - online blackjack for moneyLet me say that this article is an opinionated article. I believe that playing poker online is better than playing it live. There are many pros and cons to playing both online poker for fun and being in the middle of the poker action in real time.

Here is a list of reasons and opinions on why online poker for fun:

Online Poker for Fun Reason #1: You earn better online than land-based poker.

You make more money playing online poker because you play more. When you play online, you are doing so at the comforts of your own house, a beer in hand, sitting on a soft swivel chair. You just boot up that PC of yours and start playing. You can play a lot of games because the distribution of hands is faster. Plus, you can play with hundreds of people. You can make more online.

When you play live poker, you cannot put in as much of the volume you can make online. Plus, the dealer (human element) delays the game which hampers you from playing more. Casinos also pay a lot for you to have a very conducive ambiance for gambling so you can bet that the edge goes to the house rather than to the player.

Online Poker for Fun Reason #2: It’s much safer online.

The privacy that online poker offers is unparalleled. Sure there may be safety and security issues when it comes to credit card transaction, but if you put a limit to your credit card, then you don’t risk losing money to online scams. In real life poker, on the other hand, you might encounter co-workers who will tell on your boss the next day or you might just crash into volatile players who have the propensity to go mad under stress. Keep yourself anonymous and keep the stigma at bay of people seeing you at the casino playing poker every night. To you it may be a stress relief, but some people might be judging you.

Online Poker for Fun Reason #3: You save more money when you play online.

You do not have to spend your cash on your flight to Vegas or your gas money to get to Atlantic City. You do not have to pay for restaurant services or book a $200 room. You do not even have to give tips to your dealer. These are the ways that you save money when you play online poker. The money you save could be better spent on buying poker chips.

Online Poker for Fun Reason #4: You have more control.

Have you noticed that when you play in a live casino you seem uncontrollable? You keep coming back to that cash machine to withdraw cash so you can bet more. Well, at home, while it is easy to get lost in time when playing in a casino, you always have ways to stop yourself. Perhaps you could use an alarm clock that will limit your playing time or a love one who will tell you it’s time to stop and sleep.

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Sports Betting Arbitrage: We Answer Your Most Frequently Asked Questions

Sports Betting Arbitrage Question # 1: What exactly is sports betting arbitrage?

Arb or arbitrage betting is when a bettor makes profit out of bookmakers price difference or error. A bettor who participates in arbitrage betting will book on most outcomes and the price difference allows them to make money.

Sports Betting Arbitrage Question # 2: Are bookmakers aware of this?

Yes, arb betting is a major part of the gambling industry and there are many gamblers who do arb betting. However you should be aware bookies do not create arb betting. The profit from this betting system stems from bookmakers making mistake. You wont make any money when you go to just one bookmaker and bet on all the outcomes.

Bookmakers, you see, do not need to balance their book they just want to make money and they do so from commissions. So even when a bookmaker is short and does some erroneous calculations he still makes money and so can you (from the bookmaker’s error) make case as well.

So yes, bookmakers do know about arb betting but of course it is an activity that is not to be flaunted. When you go into arb betting you should be able to do stealth transactions as to not reveal yourself and get banned from the bookies.

Sports Betting Arbitrage Question # 3: How can I make sports arbitrage work for me?

The only way to make arbitrage betting is to use 2 or more bookmakers. Remember betting on all outcomes on just one bookie wont work. when looking for various bookmakers get 2 bookie with huge price differences and make it count so that an arbitrage is made with the difference.

In the past decades arb betting used to be a difficult endeavor because there are so many bookies out there and you really have to do research. The advent of the Internet has made life easier for arbitrary betting, you just have to sit comfortable and surf the World Wide Web.

Sports Betting Arbitrage Question # 4: Why does arbitrage occur in sports betting?
When you look out there you will see various (hundreds!) of sports books that vary from one country to the next. There are many bookmakers who specialize in focused sports from all over the world. This results in bookmakers over stretching in terms of the odds they offer as they try to cover the hundreds of sportbooks market out there all over the world. This is an advantage especially for people who like sports betting arbitrage because as they spread themselves, these bookmakers are prone to make erroneous calculations that are the fundamental element of arb. So do your research create some leverage and bet arb!

Soccer Betting Tips: A Quick Guide On How To Win With Betting

There are 2 types of bettors in the world of soccer betting tips, which you always hear about; there are gamblers who bet to earn money and those who bet to just have fun.

Here are soccer betting tips that we've listed so you can do both, win and have fun.

The first thing you have to learn from out soccer betting tips is that the ultimate goal when playing sports betting is to make your bookie lose so that you can win money.

Soccer is a sports that is very dynamic and tough to predict which is really one of the reasons why gamblers like playing it because its a mixture of analysis and luck. However unpredictable soccer games and soccer betting can bet there are certain soccer betting tips and guidelines which can help you predict better.

The second part of our soccer betting tips is to always be confident about your decisions. You can not be indecisive because you should be confident that your knowledge can be useful in predicting the right outcome of the game.

The third part of our soccer betting tips series is to check these points before you begin to bet on a particular team consider these factors:

What is the soccer team’s form?
Check all the data, reports, and analysis about the particular soccer team you are interested in betting for. The best way to make a right decision when it comes to soccer betting is to gather all the strengths and issues that soccer team is currently facing.

Check how the soccer team performs when playing on home court or far away.
See if the team has a particular pattern when playing with home court advantage and when that team is playing in the opponent’s court. This way you can factor in the situation when you bet.

Check the team’s previous record
We give you soccer betting tips that are unheard of but true such as the fact that when it comes to football, history seems to repeat itself. So research on that teams particular performance and you can gauge its future performance.

Check for handicaps due to suspension or injuries. If you see a soccer player injured this season you can bet that that would play a factor in the upcoming season’s soccer performance.

Is the team motivated to win? Sometimes it’s not the past year’s champion that is most likely to win the finale. Usually those who are second will have the motivation to climb on top and claim the main spot. So check if that team is motivated and just how passionate they are to win the game?

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What You Should Know About Arbitrage Betting

Arbitrage betting is known by other monikers such as miracle bets, surebets, betting arbitrage and sports betting arbitraging.

Arbitrage betting is a type of arbitrage which stems from betting markets getting errors due to bookmakers difference in opinions or event outcomes. Sometimes arbitrage is a result of just plain errors in the betting market.

When you place a bet per each outcome with several betting companies, it is possible for you, the bettor, to get some profit. Just remember to use various bookmakers for arbitrage betting and check if these bookies are okay with arbitrage betting. Even with this set-up, each of the bookmakers can still make a tidy profit with their calculations.

In the world of sports betting, arbitrage betting can also be called arb and those people who deal with this form of betting are called arbers.

A normal calculation for an arb is in the 2 percent area on the minimum while 4 to 5 percent is normal for the maximum. On the other hand, arbitrage betting can get as high as 20 percent on big and special events.

Arbitrage betting entails a lot of cash and sums of money (stakes are higher than the average in betting), while the opposite of this is called betting investment, which means placing small bets in a systematic manner on over valued odds. Most of these bets will lose, but few will win, which means the bettor can make a profit with this kind of bet.

It is said that the best way to make a profit in arbitrage betting has been introduced by Britain via sports arbitrage betting. It is done by having ‘key men’ hired to place bets on individual’s behalf to stay under the radar and avoid detection by bookies. Hiring key men also increases an arbitrary bettor’s accessibility and control of bets. The financier or the key arb can keep track of his placed bets via online checks.

What is bonus sports arbitrage betting?

There are many bookmakers who will offer first time players a bonus just for signing up. This bonus can be in the range of US $10 to US $200, which can be claimed by the player after the player deposits his initial betting bankroll. Now, bonus sport arbitrage is another form of sports arbitrage in which you hedge bets but as you get money from the bonus, you have room for small losses so a player can come home with profit. This way, the bookmaker’s wager needs can be met while the deposit and bonus can be claimed with small loses.

If you have chosen to do arbitrage betting, just remember to check the regulations of each bookie so that you do not face any legal or personal issues. We always encourage responsible gaming so do it out of fun and do it responsibly.

How to Choose Sports Betting Websites: An Aficionado's Personal Recommendation

There are millions of people all hooked in sports betting so it is no wonder that there are thousands of betting websites offering their services to sports fans. The question is, how do you choose good betting websites from among all of the thousands offering the same kind of services?

Here are my criteria for choosing betting websites that are affordable to most bettors and have the ability to entice players to immerse themselves in betting.

The first thing you should do is to veer away from betting websites who are like touts, offering their services everywhere, including sleazy websites and annoying evasive advertisements. Real, big time sports betting websites will have professional marketing outfits to spread their services. Authentic and good betting websites will concentrate on their handicapping rather than marketing.

The only problem is sometimes, when betting websites become huge, the value deteriorates because of marketing ineffectiveness. However, it should not make you jaded. There are still betting websites that can give you great services.

A great betting website will have a nice network of sports contacts. Ideal betting websites also devote 90 percent of their time handicapping games and the rest on marketing their services. This is the ideal ratio for betting websites.

Another suggestion to follow is to pick only one betting website per sports or handicap per season. Sports betting or betting in general is the same as the stock market in the sense that you never time the whole thing perfectly. You might as well use a buy and hold strategy so that you protect your loses.

What are the things NOT to look for in betting websites?

I stay away from betting websites that cater to various levels of picks. An example is a site that offers premium picks, regular picks, the list goes on. Good, reputable sports betting websites will give the same pick to all clients.

Another thing to watch out for and avoid are websites claiming that you can get rich when you play in their site. There is no such thing as a guaranteed get rich scheme. You are gambling after all, so your chances of winning is somehow offset with your chances of losing.

I also avoid sports betting sites with corny Internet graphics because that just means they did not put enough money to hire a good website designer. Hype means less quality so stick to websites that use great software instead of flashy net graphics.

It is important to remember that sports betting is a long-term process which is against the idea of getting rich quickly.

So, how do I choose? Here are the things that I essentially consider in my selection process:

Well, first, I have to be sure that those betting websites are honest and reputable. Second, I check their track record. Do they have good customer service? How long has the website been in business? If the site has been doing business for a long time, then it is probably a good site. What is their sports philosophy? A good website will have a sports philosophy they believe in. Gambling may mean business, but it is still nice to know that the company has a certain philosophy they follow.

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Play Online Poker 101: A Guide to 7 Card Stud Hi Lo

Do you like to play online poker but keep on playing Texas Holdem? Spice up your play online poker routine and learn a new type of poker – the 7 Card Stud Hi Lo.

You will never know, you might play online poker 7-Card Stud Hi-Lo and find out this is the type of poker game you excel in.

To play online poker 7-Card Stud Hi-Lo you have to be technically good at poker and numbers. 7-Card Stud Hi-Lo is a technically trying poker game in which the best hand in poker for high and low will split the pot at the end of each hand or what is know as the “showdown.”

To play online poker 7-Card Stud Hi-Lo, the dealer will give players 7 cards each, distributed throughout the duration of the hand. However, only the best 5-card hand formed for each player will be used to determine the winner.

It is important to know that to play online poker 7-Card Stud Hi-Lo, you have to be 8 or better in the qualifier. That means that a hand should turn out (at the worst case) 8 for low, so you can be able to win the low share of the pot. To play online poker 7-Card Stud Hi-Lo, each player must provide a nominal ante or a certain amount of money before the game can even begin. Then, the dealer gives each player 2 hidden cards and one card facing up.

If a player has the lowest value of exposed cards (called the bring-in), that player will have to make a wager. His choices will be to make a small bet full or a small bet half. An example will be either he does $1 or $2 in a 2/4 poker game. The same process is applied to other player in the table, the movement done in clockwise. Now, the next step is for the players to get a card with its value revealed. This card is called the “4th street.”

The player given the turn is the one with the highest card. If the player has a pair in his hand, then the bet will be small. If players on that table have a pair, then the table is open for a big bet which equals US$4 in a 2/4 game.

After this, each player will receive his next card dubbed as the “5th street.” The player to act first is the player with the highest exposed cards. Each player now receives another exposed card called "Fifth Street". Again, the first player to act is the individual whose exposed cards have the highest poker value. The same process is repeated for the 6th card dealt which is also called “6th Street.”

It is the 7th card which is dealt with the face hidden and each individual player is the only person who knows the value of the 7th card. The first player to act is the player deemed to have the highest poker hand. If there is more than one player left in the last round, then those players bet, raise and reveal their cards.

Online Poker Strategies: How to Make Sure You Do Not Get Bankrupt

The best way to avoid getting bankrupt is to become a better poker player and win games. The best poker strategies for being a better poker player is to practice. Only when you practice (and you can practice online which is so much easier today more than ever) can you really maximize each hand you have and each poker session you join.

Now, aside from practicing the technical and psychological aspects of poker so that you can use it to your advantage, you also have to be wary about the way you wager your own cash. Here are some online poker strategies we can suggest to make sure that you do not go home with an empty bank account.

Online Poker Strategy #1: Prepare a bank account just for your poker games.

Go to the bank and open a bank account that is dedicated to your poker bankroll. Deposit the right amount of money for playing poker, one that is within your budget. Practice vigilance and be disciplined enough to stop playing when you find you are losing and your bank account is getting to near depletion. Remember, if things are not looking good, there is always tomorrow to win other games, so do not finish of your bankroll in just one night.

Online Poker Strategy #2: Be mentally prepared.

Play poker when you are in a good mood, rather in a bad, antsy frame of mind. Poker is as much technical as it is psychological with maybe psychology being bigger factor. So, do not play agitated as this can affect your game in a costly manner.

Online Poker Strategy #3: You do not have to play every hand.

When you play every hand the dealer gives, you are just showing your opponents what a rookie you are. Resist the temptation to play each hand. The average hand played by expert poker players is one out ten. Patience is a virtue in poker. A premium hand with pairs and aces can make you big money, but the timing should be right. There is no shame in folding when you are losing. Folding early on will save you a lot of pain, sorrow and cash!

Online Poker Strategy #4: Play in position if you can.

Take advantage of your position on the table. When you are the last player on a table, you have the fortunate advantage of observing your competitor and how they act. If the player calls, raises or folds, you can watch them. You can make a psychological profile of your competitors in this position. This will help you win!

Online Poker Strategy #5: Have fun because when you’re having fun, you attract money.

There are people who are getting paid well and when you ask that person what his secret is he would say, “I'm happy with what I am doing.” The same is true for poker. If you are having fun and you do poker games for recreational purposes, you will find yourself winning more than losing and actually make money. It is when a player puts too much pressure on himself as a poker player will he usually be prone to losing because the focus and patience needed in the game is affected by the negativity of the player. So, always be happy so you do not lose all your money!

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Belize Guide: Information You Need Before Traveling to this Tropical Island Paradise

Before exploring this tropical wonderland, let us give you a brief Belize guide to the country.

Belize was formerly called British Honduras. It is the only country that embraces the Pacific
Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. It is a Central American country and has Guatemala (west) and Mexico (north) as its neighbors. The official language in Belize is English, so it is a very tourist-friendly place.

Belize Guide: Understanding the Culture

Belize is similar to other British colony islands in terms of culture. The people from Belize are Creole and Afro-Caribbean decent. There are also native Mayan people whose language is Spanish (which is spoken as a second language in most parts of Belize).

There was a bloody conflict in the 80s which affected Central America. Belize has not been exempted from the business of drug trade and poverty common in the region, however, it has now truly becoming a tourist destination and is very safe to visit here.

The locals are very proud of their country and they are very hospitable to visitors.

Belize Guide: Why Tourists Visit

Many people visit Belize by way of cruise ships and tourism is the major economical force of this country. The country is visited for its lush rainforest, 400 species of birds, exotic flora and fauna, deep sea fishing, a splendid coral reed for snorkeling or diving and for the Mayan ruins.

Belize Guide: It’s History

There has been dispute over Belize by the United Kingdom and Guatemala. The British did not give the country independence until 1981. Guatemala did not recognize the country until 1991. The country used to produce agricultural products such as oranges, bananas and sugar but these have not progressed to be a major source of income, thus making tourism the money earner of the country.

Belize Guide: The Climate

There are only two seasons in Belize. The first is the hot and humid summer season that occurs from February to May. The rainy season is from May to November.

Belize Guide: The Regions

Northern Belize
Stann Creek
Belize District

Belize Guide: The Cities

San Ignacio
Punta Gorda
Orange Walk
Crooked Tree
Belize City
Big Creek

Belize Guide: Other Destinations in Belize to Visit

Caye Caulker
Tabacco Caye
Ambergris Caye

Belize Guide: The Mayan ruins

The most popular ones include Altun Ha, Xuanantunicj, Lunaantun, Lamanai and Caracol.

Belize Guide: The Currency

For easy computation, just divide the US $ by two and that is the worth of Belize’s currency. The symbol is BZD $ and mostly they just use the $ sign.

We hope that helped you a little bit and gave you a brief introduction of Belize.

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Before Entering the Best Poker Sites, Learn the Art of Poker Bluffing!

If you think you are ready to play in the best poker sites, well good for you! Are you sure about your skills though? To really enjoy your time in these best poker sites you must at least be in the running to win, and to do that, you have to read our tips which is especially focused in teaching you how to bluff, and bluff really well. This way, when you enter these best poker sites you not only enjoy yourself, you come out a winner.

So you know that in any best poker site, you will need good bluffing skills to win.

Bluffing is an essential part and aspect of playing poker and in our opinion, it is the best and most enjoyable feature of the game. Poker is exciting because you not only have to guess what your opponents have in their hands, but you also have to disguise the cards you have. Disguising what you cards you have is what bluffing is all about. Think of it as pimping your card for a value that you need it to be.

In the easiest terms, bluffing can be explained as a way to raise the value of your cards and bet even if that hand is weak or to ‘fake’ the real value of your cards so your opponents will think that you have better cards than what they have. Since poker is a game of wits, the better you are at bluffing, the better poker player you become.

Bluffing is your fallback when you do not get the best cards. Luck is what you have if you get all aces, but skillful is what people will call you if you are dealt bad cards and be able to ‘sell’ it to other players.

Of course, there should always be balance when it comes to bluffing. You should know when to fake it or when to just pipe down and call it what it is. If you bluff consistently, your opponents can easily read you and you will no longer be an effective bluffer.

In the best poker sites, the better poker players will have two types of bluffs:

The first kind of bluff is dubbed the pure bluff. The pure bluff is when a player raises his bet even if he knows that there is nothing he can do to improve the cards he was dealt with. His goal is to bluff his way so other players will be intimidated and fold.

The second bluff is called the semi-bluff and it is when a player bluffs on a deck of cards that are bad for the moment, but can improve with luck from a card drawn.

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Best Online Poker Tips: How to Avoid Losing Money by Battling the Tilt

If you are looking for the best online poker tips, you have come to the right place.

Today, our best online poker tips will be focused on how to battle your losing streak or what is termed in the poker world as ‘tilt.’

In the game of poker, it is not only important to learn how to make money, but it is also important to know how to keep it. Poker is still a game and you will find yourself on a losing streak or tilt sometimes. The gift of a champion poker player is knowing how to ride the tilt out and how to get back in the game.

To help you, here are our best online poker tips for battling the tilt.

We have discussed a few of them in our previous article such as:

Best Online Poker Tip #1: Let Your Bad Beat Steam Off

Lose that bad streak of yours by venting out your frustration. Tell someone, a friend, your family or another player what happened and how you should have handled some of the games you played. When you let off some steam and express yourself, you release pressure and hopefully you break that tilt off. This will also help you analyze what you did wrong in the game, thinking of how to play your cards well next time or if the whole ordeal you have gone through was just a result of bad luck.

Best Online Poker Tip #2: Sit Down on the Table and Observe

If you find yourself dealing with loss after frustrating loss, do not panic. Instead, sit out some rounds while still on the table. This can be beneficial to you because it will cut your losses, calm you down a bit and hopefully reenergize you for the next poker round. When you take a breather from your tilt, you will find yourself observing other players, picking up a few things about their game and getting additional insights on how to play with your opponents. You can just sit back a round or two, not play any hand, the exception of which is that you pick the top four hands.

Best Online Poker Tip #3: Do Not Have Any Vendetta Over a Player

Poker can be such an emotional game that sometime you cannot help but focus on an opponent who annoys you, especially those who love to trash talk and heckle. It is very undignified to get back at this opponent and it is your lose if you take any sneering personal. Detach yourself from the game as a person and think of yourself as a athlete or a gamer doing this just for the fun of winning nothing personal. If you take each lose personal and if you obsess about your opponents who is in a winning streak then you will just be making it worst for yourself. Remember Poker is still a game of luck and even the bad players can experience a lucky streak.

Best Online Poker Tip #4: Change Poker Tables

If you really are experiencing a bad streak, don’t continue the game on that same table. Change tables and face new opponents. It may be the break you need to cut that tilt.

Best Online Poker Tip #5: Take a 15-Minute Break

Grab a cup of coffee and take a 15-minute breather. Relax your mind and calm your nerves. Being too emotional and stressed can affect your game and it might even be the reason for your losses. So just take a short break and keep yourself together.

Best Online Poker Tip #6: Go Home and Do Something Else

Maybe your tilt is a signal to call it quits at the table and do something else. Sometimes poker games can be quite ‘engaging’ and you forget that there are other more important things you can do. So if you find yourself in a bad streak, stop playing the game and do something else.

Good luck and we hope you can use our tips!

Best Poker Site: A Guide in Choosing Where to Enjoy the Game and Make Money Too!

Before you enjoy the game of poker, not only must you passionately love it, you must also have the right elements that make up a great game. These elements include having a bit of luck with a good hand to play with, skills and a best poker site to hold these games.

So, here are ways for you to be able to choose a best poker site that will help you enjoy the game and protect you as a player as well.

Poker websites are usually ran from locations that aren’t covered by US gambling laws, places such as Costa Rica or Gibraltar. You, as a player, have to be aware of this so you can guard your bank account better. If anything goes wrong, there is the Interactive Gaming Council to protect you but because these gambling sites are ran offshore, do not expect too much.

So, how do you find the best poker site? Similar to picking a restaurant – you go to the well-established poker site to get the best treatment and security for your money.

There are over 200 online poker sites out there and these sites claim to be the ‘best poker site’ of them all. It is kind of burdensome to weed out the best sites, but for your protection, you should make an effort.

So, how do you know that a poker site is established? Pro players say that the most populated sites are most likely to be well-established. Check the poker site’s real time players to see how many number of players are online. If they are good sites, then they should have an average of 400-3000 players in real real time.

The best online poker site also offers customer service 24 hours a day. You should be able to contact them at anytime.

In order to protect yourself even more, you should read the poker site’s policies when it comes to disconnection and payout.

Another trait of a best poker site is that it has policies and terms that protect a player from collusion. You do not see your opponents and sometimes a smart dishonest individual will connive with another person to win a game. A best poker site will have software trackers that inspect if two players are in the same game.

So, think about all the advice and we hope it guides you in choosing the best poker site.

It may be helpful to checkout a bit of history about online poker which we featured in our previous article. Here is a recap:

It was in 2003 when poker players all over the globe wanted to be like champion Chris Moneymaker. He won the World Series of Poker through betting $39 in an online virtual poker game. This spurned poker enthusiasts to go to their computer and recapture the same fate that Chris Moneymaker accomplished.

You would think that Chris Moneymaker’s achievement was a onetime deal, but the same thing happened to gaming champ Greg Raymer. Dubbed in the poker world as Fossilman, he was able to pull off what Chris Moneymaker did in 2004 at the same championship game.

So, there is really a big chance for making money online through poker as Raymer also got his ticket to earn millions by beating everyone at an online poker tournament.

It is inspiring for online poker enthusiasts to know that in the World Series Poker, the 10 finishers came from a an online poker site.

Once you have started the routine of making money through online poker, you don’t stop. Even Chris Moneymaker revealed that inspite his deals, book launches and his pro poker player label, he still goes to making money through online poker sites and play. It is pretty exciting if you think that someone like you can come and compete at a virtual online poker table where Chris Moneymaker or Greg ”Fossilman” Raymer is playing.

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Online Casino Craps for Beginners

Craps is one of the coolest games in the casino be it online or in live casino ones. Online casino craps rules are of course similar to the conventional land based casino craps game. The only thing that is different is today, we can play it anywhere and anytime we want by just facing your computer. Thanks to modern technology.

Craps is also played on the streets informally since it requires minimal equipments. What we are going to discuss in this guide is the casino craps or playing bank craps.

To start, craps is a game played by many in a table. Playing craps all by yourself isn’t exactly what you call fun. Players place their bets on a table, the craps table has indicated spaces on them particularly for bets. A dice is thrown by the shooter at the end of the table and the outcome of the dice would decide who wins or not.

A shooter is one of the players. Each player will get to be the shooter eventually after each round. However, a player has the right to refuse to be the shooter. The stick man will allow the shooter to take a pair of dice out of five and the rest will be safely kept usually in a bowl. The shooter bets at least the table minimum on either “Pass line” or “Don’t Pass Line”. “Win” or “Don’t Win” is another term for “Pass line” or “Don’t Pass line”.

The game is played in rounds; each round is given two phrases such as “Come-out” and “Point”. The round starts with one or more “Come out” rolls on the table. If the dice come-out a roll of 2, 3 or 12, this will end the round with the shooter losing and all the players betting on the “Pass line” to lose as well.

In the event that the pair of dice would come-out as a 7 or 11 then the shooter wins along with the players who placed their bets on “Pass line” and the shooter would continue to throw the dice until the dice would come-out either with a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10, in which any of these numbers would become the “point”. Dealers would then move an “On” button to the point number indicating the next stage of the round. The shooter must roll the same point number in order to win and for the Pass line betters to win. Only if the shooter rolls a 7 then he or she loses together with the Pass line betters.
There are several online casino craps available free to play online, you can try and play it for free to practice the game and understand how it really works. Casino craps rules are easy to understand, making it perfect for casino rookies and veterans alike.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Learn Poker in Five Easy Steps

Are you one of the millions of followers of the game poker? I can definitely say I’m one of them. Maybe you are like me who started liking poker because of the movie “Rounders.” I love the way Matt Damon starred in the movie with all its twists that made poker very interesting for me. Or maybe you just love casino games and you are a constant player in almost all casino games because you are looking to make money playing there. Whatever your motivation is, I know you are reading this because you want to learn how to play poker, a time-tested card game that has the distinction of being one of the earliest card games. Before you throw down your life's savings on poker, you’re going to have to know when to hold 'em and know when to fold 'em. Read on and learn five easy steps to learn poker.

1. Understand the cards and their values

Poker is played with a standard deck of 52 playing cards. The cards are ranked from highest to lowest in the following order: ace, king, queen, Jack, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2. The cards are also separated into four suits: clubs, spades, hearts and diamonds. Each player is dealt five cards. The object of the game is to end up with the highest-valued hand.

From best to worst, hands are ranked in the following order: (1) Royal Flush (2) Straight Flush (3) Four of a Kind (4) Full House (5) Flush (6) Straight (7) Three of a Kind (8) Two Pair (9) One Pair (10) High Card

2. Learn the basic rules of the game

We don't feel comfortable releasing you to the card sharks without further stepping up your poker savvinness. So, after knowing the cards and their values, you need to learn the basic rules of a poker game. You need to know when to give an ante or token bet. You need to know how many cards the dealer will first deal to you. You need to learn when to open, check, see, raise and fold. You need to know when to throw down or draw another card. And lastly, you need to know how some win and how can you be that someone. On our next articles, we will definitely let you know how you can do this all, plus some strategies on how to do this well.

3. Learn the lingo

In order to fully learn poker and don’t get beaten up by other players, you must first learn the lingo of the game. Be sure to study up on the following terms: bluff, aggressive play, conservative play, action and tell. These are the most common terms used in poker.

4. Tell what your poker enemy “tell” is

A "tell" is a mannerism that you inadvertently repeat that lets the other players have an idea how good or bad your hand is. No one EVER wants other people to know their tell, but everyone has one. When you lie, you inadvertently give little clues. A player may wipe his brow when he has a good hand, trying to contain excitement. Another player may grit her teeth when she has a low hand, a nervous reaction to the bluff she's about to make. Whatever it is, you should always try to figure out what the other players' tells are, and you should always try to hide yours.

5. Bet smartly

Betting smartly may sound like an oxymoron, but there are some tricks to minimizing how much you lose and maximizing how much you win at the poker table. After all, a good poker player can still win even if he has bad cards, all because he knows how to bet correctly. Keep in mind that while poker is great fun, many people get completely out of control while playing. They might have drank too much while playing poker or just plainly bet so high on a not so sure win. Many people also bet way more than they can afford. Better learn a thing or two about money management first before getting yourself involved in any kind of gambling.

Poker, at its very essence, is a simple game. Its countless versions can be quite complex though, so better master one type of poker game first before shifting to another one. To learn poker is as easy as these five easy steps with additional practice of low bets or free bets in poker. So if you are starting to play, you should find a place where you can practice poker. Find online sites that offer low stakes only or will even give you free bets.