Monday, May 28, 2012


Hunting for duck whether for the purpose of eating it or sports is one of the outdoor recreational activity that is popular nowadays. And if you are interested to be involved with it preparing ahead of time is very important. One of the things you need to do is to pick the right hunting shotguns, a hunting blind, and decoys that will suit your needs. These three elements are what most duck hunters usually need. The decoys are used to lure the birds within range, and the blind conceals the hunter. Once the birds are within range, the hunters stand up in the blind and shoot the birds before they are frightened off. Duck hunting season generally happen during the winter and fall, and so you must be ready before this time come.

To help you with, let me tell you some key pointers that might help you in choosing the right gun.

First, look for a gun reference guide as you can get idea here of the various shotgun manufacturers, their descriptions, gun models and price ranges. On the other hand, you can also visit the internet to check for the latest models of hunting shotguns and read reviews and forums from other well experienced shooters and hunters.

Choose a 12 gauge shotgun rather that the 20 gauge. This is the typical choice for most duck hunters as it offers much power and amount of shot in each shell.

Next, if you are thinking of walking or moving around a lot, consider using guns that are much lighter and are not prone to jamming when shooting like a double barrel shotgun.

On the other hand, if you prefer to add more extra shell and want real reliable hunting shotguns, pump action guns can give you a real score. Pumps typically do not jam often, but are a bit heavier than the double barrels, and do take longer to fire because of the manual pumping required to reload.

For more speed, automatic hunting shotguns are the best type to use. With this gun, you don’t necessary need to manually pump the gun to eject the spent shells, and you still have three remaining shots like pump guns have. However, among the three types of hunting gun, this automatic shotguns are typically the heaviest, so if you plan on wading in the swamp! Sitting in a duck blind is a better environment for a hunter with an heavy automatic.

You may have your particular choice of hunting shotgun, but you should always keep in your mind the location where you will be hunting for duck- will you make a lots of walking or sitting? Then, choose accordingly. Also, make sure that your hunting shotguns can give you the right comfort you need.

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