Thursday, May 3, 2012


According to a survey from Teenage Research Unlimited, about 44% teenagers of the modern era are capable of getting a handgun for themselves if they would really like to, WBEZ gun news report. Not just professional, but even teenager and people of all ages are extremely familiar with guns. In addition, some of the respondents even said that they personally knew someone who had been shot, and 37% of respondent say they actively fear being shot themselves. On the other hand, a count of almost half of 600 kids surveyed believed that US will be a lot safer if handguns will be prohibited, compared to about 25% who said adults should be able to carry loaded guns in public.

In accordance to this, you can read different gun news that talk about restricting guns in public places. For example, Gov. Jerry brown of California has recently signed into a law that bans handgun owners from openly carrying their weapons in public. In contrast, there are also officials like Gingrich, a former house speaker newt, who want to give everybody a chance of owning and carrying a handgun for protection purposes.

Without doubt, guns can kill and injured any person the easiest way. But it is not right to conclude that guns are the cause of all deaths and injuries. Gun provides a good and bad side. Guns can be used for sports such as hunting, etc. and Guns are used to stop crime and violence, and to deter criminal activities, victimization and oppression. On the other hand, guns can cause murder, suicides, accidental deaths, injuries from suicide attempts, and accidental injuries. If there is 100,000 people in the United States, 7 of these people kill themselves with the use of guns, 6 are intentionally killed by others with guns, .5 are accidentally killed with guns, 15-22 are purposely injured by others with guns, and .5 are accidentally injured by someone with guns. These figures happen in an average year.

Bottom-line, when we talk of different gun’s issue, we can hear a mixed response from different people.

There are those people who are in favor of carrying a gun and there are those who do not, not only because a gun can be an instrument of killing people but because many people who don’t even owned or used gun feel afraid because others do, even though about half of U.S. citizens have always had guns.

For me, carrying a gun is acceptable most especially for protection purposes. As long as the person who carries it knows exactly what, where and when the right place and time to use it, owning a gun would not be a problem. Remember guns don't shoot people, people shoot people.

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