Thursday, May 3, 2012


Even a kid at a very young age knows what gun is and the harmful effect it may bring to a person’s life. Different countries and cities have different gun laws and weapons’ ownership restrictions. In Brazil, civilian over 25 are free to keep firearms indoor as long as they are registered. In countries like Australia, owning a gun is restricted not unless you have a “genuine reasons” for owning a gun, employment requirements, for example. According to recent gun news, the United States is one of the nations all over the world that has a highest rate of gun- related deaths compare to other nations, and some says that it is because the U.S. has some of the most liberal gun laws in the world compared to other country. This is the reason why you will hear mixed opinions from different people regarding the issue of owning and carrying gun most especially in public place.

Are you in favor of carrying guns in public places? Are you supporting the 'Stand Your Ground' Law? What is your opinion on the different gun laws that is being amended today?

On my own opinion, I hundred percent support the 'Stand Your Ground' Law, where carrying guns are allowed in public places for SELF- DEFENSE purposes. For me, guns could only be our best protection in certain situation. Remember that, criminals don’t follow rules or laws. So, we have to defend ourselves the way we know how. If there is a high rate of gun- related deaths in United States, I believe it’s not about the gun problem, but the culture itself. Remember that guns don't shoot people, its people who shoot people using gun.

Let me give you some of the top gun news (quick read) that talks about the different gun laws issues in different cities and countries, and hopefully this may help you decide whether to support owning and carrying gun, or not.

• Florida- A report in Orange country says that people are using their tax refund in buying guns instead paying their bills. As people argue the Stand Your Grand law, many are worried about losing their rights to own a gun very soon, so, while they can, people are buying their gun now before their second amendment right might be taken away.

• Quebec- The gun- control supporter in the province of Quebec celebrated last week when Judge Marc- Andre Blanchard vetoed the Canadian federal government from completely removing the country’s long- gun registry. According to the judge "The beneficial effects of maintaining the registry in Quebec appear greater than the urgency of applying the new law which will do away with the long-gun registry and destroy the data,"

• Arizona- Last week, Governor Jan Brewer vetoed House Bill 2729, legislation that would have allowed concealed weapons in public buildings that lack adequate security measures.

HB 2729, sponsored by state Representative David Gowan (R-30), would have amended various sections of the Arizona Revised Statutes to remove the current prohibition on entering a public establishment or attending any public event while carrying a weapon on one’s person. Instead it would have provided for regulation of firearms and ammunition on public property only if specific criteria were met.

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