Monday, May 28, 2012


Deer hunting is one of the popular outdoor activities today and among the best places to get real big bucks with this activity is in Texas. As a matter of fact, many hunters from everywhere go all the way here just to harvest the best trophy bucks when the season starts in November. If you are interested to have your deer hunting in Texas, then you should know that there are special equipment Texas laws or the region itself will require you, as there are some particular items which are prohibited.

• Hunting license. Whatever your age, hunting license is required in each and every person who wants to be involved with deer hunting. A hunting license can be purchased online directly from Texas Parks and Wildlife or from local retailer. On contrary, you would not need this item only when shooting depredating wild boars or coyotes, or nuisance fur-bearing animals.

• Snake chaps/ boots. There is no doubt, Texas has a large number of poisonous snake species so, it is very important that you keep your feet from dangerous snake bites by wearing a snake boots. Not only it will serve as your protection but also keeps you comfortable while trekking over rocky train.

• Binoculars. Bnoculars could not only help you spot Texas deer, but will also allow you to see the and appreciate the attractive ranch scenery and watch the white wing and mpourning doves moving around. • All weather camouflage. Aside from a pair of snake boots, wearing an all- weather camouflage outfit can hide your silhouette from the colorblind deer. Also this will serve as your protection against the wide temperature variation in South Texas as it is usually made up of thick material.

• Rifle. Rifles are the best firearm to use for deer hunting. Of course, if you are joining a deer hunting activity, you will be expected to bring your favorite firearm. Most veteran hunters suggest a bolt action of at least .270 caliber with sling and scope. Texas laws do not allow rimfire ammunition from being used on whitetail deer. Texas laws do not allow rimfire ammunition from being used on whitetail deer.

• Rain gear. It is always important that you bring with you a rain gear as rainfall is consistently spread in the area, although, the possibility of encountering a shower during the hunting season is average.

• Sunglasses and Sunblock. To avoid eye damage cause by the bright landscape, it is necessary that you wear your sunglasses. Also, putting a sunblock is recommended to prevent your skin from sunburn.

• Personal necessities. It’s a good thing if you have bring with you your personal items such as shaving kit and casual clothes, towels, shampoo soap, linens or pillows for camping purposes.

With all this equipment prepared, the hunter can go into the wilds of Webb, Dimmit, or Uvalde, Texas. Go and have your stuff ready now!

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