Sunday, December 18, 2011

Being single during the holiday season may have its advantages: That’s one less present you have to give and a whole lot of flirting going on for you in the party circuit. However, there are many women who strongly desire to have an adult dating partner to ring in the New Year with. If that’s what you really want, make it happen by snagging that guy you’ve been hanging out with and go for these creative and inexpensive adult dating ideas.

• Surprise your man with a date that will have his mind blown: an MMA match, shooting range, wine tasting tour. He’s going to love your creativity.

• Go on a day hike and bask in the wonderful autumn colors of a woodsy trail. You’ll both feel good and alive, connected to nature and to each other.

• Instead of having a few beers at a local pub, go to a wine bar. Sharing a new experience together causes the brain to give you a chemical rush akin to the rush of attraction.

• It doesn’t matter if Halloween is over. Go ahead and pop in a cheesy-scary DVD movie like “Zombieland” and you can laugh or cower at the scary and funny parts.

• Invite him over for some delicious homemade s’mores you just cook on your stovetop. It’s a saccharine gesture that’s not as loaded and as time-consuming as cooking up a fancy spread.

• Go out to see a college football game. Men love anything that has to do with sports and competition.

• Doing something new spontaneously can be exciting. Pick a town you’ve never visited before within a few hours of where you both live, Google Map it or set your GPS, get in your car and go on a road trip.

• Try ice skating, and don’t be afraid to be bad at it. It will give you something silly to bond over.

• On the next full moon, invite him to take a long walk. Try not to speak to too much and just hold each other’s hands under the moonlight.

• If snow falls early in the season, take a cheap plastic sled up a nearby hill. You will feel free, child-like and unguarded with playing in the snow.

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