Monday, March 21, 2011

What You Need to Know About an Online Poker Bonus

A poker bonus is a very important aspect of playing online poker. This is actually one of the compelling reasons why online poker is played worldwide. It gives get extra money to your bankroll to start you on playing online poker. An online poker bonus is a great marketing tool for poker sites. As you all know, the online poker industry is a multi-million dollar business. When you have an industry earning billions of dollars and allowing companies to earn millions, you will have a lot of businessmen trying their luck in the market. As you can see just by surfing the net, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of companies all putting up online casino businesses. This means these thousands of poker site companies are all trying to grab your attention. Now, an online poker bonus is a way for these companies to grab your attention and this is very advantageous because you get extra credits in your bankroll.

What are the basics of claiming an online poker bonus? When you sign up to a poker site for the first time, you will be getting an online poker sign-up bonus. This sign up bonus is designed to allow you to get started when playing at a particular online poker site. Do not fret because it wouldn’t cost you when you play and get this bonus. It is a very rewarding initial experience.

Some sites will offer exclusive poker sign up bonuses even for the biggest poker room. Do your research well to see which sites offer the best sign up bonus so you would know the best deal that is out there for you.

You will encounter poker codes which are really large sums of money and are usually 100 percent match bonus for amounts like, say, US$500. So are you really going to get that US$500? Can you walk away with that US$500 in tow? Of course, poker sites are there to make business, not to give your US$500. So here’s the deal. You have to do some clearing before you can actually get your hands on that bonus. So, if a poker says you get a 100 percent match you’ll get it, but it will not promptly be credited and seen in your account. What happens is you will have a pocket account in your bankroll which says bonus account. To get the cash in the account bonus and have it transferred to your regular account, you will have to play some games to clear that bonus. So, good luck with your games and have fun!

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