Monday, March 21, 2011

The Best Casino Online Poker Video 101

Welcome to the exciting and fun world of online poker. Once you get used to playing poker online, you will realize that playing online poker is more fun and convenient than playing land-based casino poker. You can play poker online anytime you want without having to wait for the weekend to play with your poker friends. You also no longer need to stalk the card game rooms in land-based casinos and spend so much money going to these casinos. When you play online poker, you can save money on gas, airfare, food, lodging, dealer tips, drinks and things that will cost you when you play in land-based casinos. Of course, the experience of playing in casinos or having poker nights with your friends is an irreplaceable experience, but online poker has its own rewards. There is so much money you can save playing in the comforts of your own home. Aside from this, poker has also evolved into a huge gaming industry. There are also many entertaining gimmicks that these poker outfits offer, which can be entertaining and fun with a mix of excitement you feel when winning easy cash.

One of these is the best casino online poker video. So, what is a best casino online poker video? A best casino online poker video is basically called video poker, and it is a casino game which is based on the five card draw poker. Players use a computerized console which is basically similar to a slot machine to play this game.

How video poker works is by inserting money into a machine and that is where the play begins. You can place bets after you load money to have credits and then press the deal button. When you press the deal button, the player will be given cards. You can choose to take the opportunity of discarding one or more of them in replacement for new ones, which are basically taken from a virtual deck. When the draw happens, that machine pays out the hands with winning combinations played in a particular round. Your win can be monitored in what is called the pay table on the screen.

The pay table is the one that gives the payout of the hands. The pay is based on certain factors including how rare your hand combination is, the game variation, and it may also be based partly on the decision of the game operator. A typical scenario on a pay table starts with the least valuable hand of a pair of Jacks, which pays even money. All hand combinations are the same as what you will see in a poker game.

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