Monday, March 21, 2011

The Mistakes People Make Their Poker Hand Strategy and How to Correct Them

This article is about poker hand strategy. Moreover, it is about the mistakes that people make when they plan out there poker strategy. In this article, we hope that you learn about making the right poker hand strategy that will make you win the pot frequently. As you know, what separates men from the boys and the ladies from the girls is a great poker hand strategy. So, we hope that our article will be able to help you! Good luck and always remember to have fun.

One mistake that I usually observe a player commits is they sort of generalize their overall poker play, which they should not. These situations are the errors from competitors that allow poker to be such a money-making game. Another mistake that a player usually commits is when he plays too many poker hands. This mistake is one that is written in the strategy book. There are only few players who show the wisdom and patience of how to play a good starting poker hand.

A starting poker hand game plan is very vital, and this is especially true for poker games such as Texas Hold’em poker. When you play less poker hands compared to your competitors, you will gain the advantage and you will benefit from it in the long run. Imagine this concept, if your competitor plays, say, four percent of their poker hands and you only play 20 percent then in the long run, you will have the fortunate advantage on the majority of the cards you play. You will be able to get more pot winnings. And aside from this, you will also gain the best kicker. When you have pairs, they will seem less vulnerable to over cards. Plus, your straight will be able to nuke out and beat lower straights. The flushes which you have in your hand will outkick your opponents’ flushes. Well, you get the picture do you not?

Of course, you need to balance everything because it is possible that you may play too tight. If you play too much of your hand, that has a negative effect. It is also possible to play too tight and that will have a negative effect as well. This is the reason why it is vital to post blinds in poker, although, in my years of playing poker, there are only very few players that play too tight.

So, how many hands is the good kind of hand? The answer is it really depends on the criteria you evaluate your hand game plan. Just think that you can play more poker games in late positions with more callers in a particular hand.

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