Thursday, March 24, 2011

Daily Fantasy Hockey - The Right Tips to Help You Win

Just like you, I am a big daily fantasy hockey fan. I love how I can enjoy the sport and make it a hobby that will allow me to interact with other sports fans. Daily fantasy hockey has now been a great part of my life. Daily fantasy hockey is something that I have enjoyed for a long time, which has been happening for year. So today, I have made a list of tips that will give you some advantage in your daily fantasy hockey teams. I hope you find this list of tips useful, and may it be successful in helping you play better.

Here are tips I keep in mind when drafting ice hockey forwards.

1. When you discover that the player is not part of the power play then that player does not have any place to be in your team. The exception to the rule is if your league has more than 12 teams (this is usually not the case). When it comes to drafting, you should be able to stock your team with just the right players, the kind that sees the ice when it comes to man advantage. The concept is pretty simple actually. If your player is not playing on the power play, then that player is not part of the top portion of offensive threats on his team. So, the million dollar fantasy money question is: Why is he part of your team?

2. If your fantasy hockey league prefers short-handed goals and puts it in a different category, adjust your draft list and make sure you give priority to the stars that score your league’s preference. You see, it is very difficult to have shorties in the event, and it is tougher to place in your league if you cannot get anything out of the category.

3. Generally, what you should do is veer away from a very low or extremely high assist-to-goal ratio. A good ice jockey passer suffers compared to goal scorers. In most fantasy worlds, the goalie tends to rack up points in several categories and this happens in one bulk.

4. Beware of youth. For the young and young at heart, it is unfortunate that teenagers rarely have the NHL effect, so the rookies aren’t really trending when it comes to the # 1 spot in the power playing roles. However, there will be many team owners who will bank on rookies. These team owners are satisfying their ego and the ability to say, “Oh, I booked him when he was just a rookie.” Young folks in the ice do have to go through growing pains.

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