Sunday, February 5, 2012


If only women can easily be clued in on the countless character deficits of men, guys would never stand a chance on getting a second date. Unfortunately for you girls, we’ve gotten pretty good at hiding our personality imperfections, most especially at the early stages of the impress-to-undress game. However, I can let you in on a little secret: There are clever methods to weed out the unwanted losers before having you waste too much precious time or even worse, get attached. What you just have to do is follow our dating online tips and administer these simple mini tests to your man to reveal his true colors.

Is he the jealous type?

A guy worth his manhood can get a little irked when he comes across competition for his girl’s affection. But to find out if his possessive nature crosses over psycho territory, try setting up jealousy-provoking situations to see if your guy handles himself like a man, or a man that needs a restraining order.

Is he a tightwad?

A lot of guys take pride in being thrifty, believing that frugality is a good finance management skill that takes time to sharpen. However, there is a huge difference between having the ability to save a few bucks and constantly insisting on it. So unless you love wearing jewelry with cubic zirconia, it pays to know how much of a penny pincher he is. The easiest way to find out where he rates on the cheapskate scale is through observing his tipping generosity. You can also try one of these dating online tips: Ask if he has change for a pack of gum. If he hands over a fiver, absentmindedly pocket the change. If he asks for it later, it’s very likely he’s a Scrooge McDuck in the making.

Is he trustworthy?

During the time when spreading their seed was crucial to the survival of the species, men had the perfect excuse for wandering. And even if most modern men already know that the perpetuity of the population does not solely depend on them, there are still some who just can’t resist the urge to go through the motions. To know if your man has evolved, here is what you can do: If you happen to watch a TV show featuring infidelity, make a comment on how men who cheat are assholes. If he deliberates, clears his throat uncomfortably or says things like, “Every scenario is different,” you may be dealing with a womanizer.

For the smooth philanderer, who knows better than to give away his cheating ways, it may be necessary to hurl your guy over to the deep end. Go to a bar or restaurant that is known to have hot patrons and waitresses. If you feel that he is busier ogling at the restaurant staff than knowing how your day went, you may have a chronic swivel-head in your hands.

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