Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Almost all you guys may agree that vacation adult sex is the best. For those who have experienced this, we have all tried to bring it home, but none of us have succeeded. We asked our brazen experts to help give us ideas to accomplish the worthy mission of figuring this out.

Seize the sunny day

The sun’s rays can make you hot for each other. Vitamin D, which is produced by your body when exposed to safe sunlight, is known to release high levels of sex hormones that heighten arousal. A day at the beach could just be the foreplay you need.

Do a room makeover

You don’t need to have high-quality sheets, but there is something sexy about clean linens and zero clutter. Get rid of those laundry piles and scattered toys, and light a candle or two to make the place more relaxing. If your room needs a lot of work, shift the action to a neat guest room. Can’t have visitors get all the fun, right?

Increase the frequency of adult sex

Do you know one other reason why adult sex during a vacation rocks? There is a lot of it. Plus points are given in upping its frequency. The more you get busy, the sexier you will feel and the more you’ll want. I guess that’s pretty sound advice, don’t you think?

Kick out the kids

Instead of going out on date night, have a sitter take the kids out to see a movie or play at the local arcade while you stay in. You can also consider a nice rendezvous at a by-the-hour motel.

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