Sunday, February 6, 2011

NBA Finals : Lakers vs. Miami ???

 La Lakers vs Miami Heat

An NBA finals preview?

The curtain for new NBA season will be drawn open in a few days’ time. Which team will emerge the champion this time? Miami Heat? LA Lakers? Or….? The Miami Heat which has three giants, James, Wade and Bosh is certainly a potential champion team but will LA lakes which is led by Bryant give up the throne easily? A keen competition and tough fight is coming on the way!

The Strength of the Miami Heat

James was awarded the Most Valuable Player (MVP) consecutively for two terms. Wade was selected the MVP in the grand finals in 2006. Bosh was selected to join all-stars team four times. They were all chosen to be in NBA in 2003. They are indeed great players. Age is on their side also. The ‘oldest’ among these three giants, Wade is only 28 years old and the youngest, James is only 25. If Miami heat is successful in becoming the champion, most likely they will rule NBA for a long period. This is a piece of horrible news for other NBA teams.
  At first many people thought that only some nameless players who were not so skilful would be joining them, then the team would not have strong killing power. But because these giants were prepared to sacrifice their personal salary so that more great players could be invited to join the team, a few excellent players have signed the contract with Miami Heat. Ilgauskas is one of them. With him and some other good players who are already in the team such as Haslem, Chalmers and Arroyo, the three giants have enough helpers to assist the team to realize the dream of holding up the champion trophy this year.

 But the addition of three great players and other good players does not necessarily equal to grand champion. If you open the history of all kinds of games, you will find many evidence to prove this. Many luxurious teams eventually didn’t even appear on the list of top three, let alone the champion. People are worried if James and Wade will cooperate well and produce chemistry between them or instead repulsive force will appear and repel them to fall apart.

LA Lakers and Kobe Bryant
As for LA Lakers, Bryant hopes that the team will be successful in defending the crown this year as this has some special meaning for him. If LA Lakers can retain the champion trophy this year, he will accomplish the mission of having champion three consecutive years for two times, equal to Jordan, the Basketball God. And very likely he will get MVP for a third time. Bryant is already 32 years old. How much time is left for him to pursue big dream?

Although LA Lakers did not get many new players, it has many excellent players such as Gasol, Odom and Artest, in the original team. They have vast experience and are led by a capable leader, Bryant. If the center Bynum can recover from the knee injury completely, it is a perfect team. Many people still fell that they should win the grand champion this year if all the payers are in good physical condition. However, luck may not be on their side. Nine players in the team have already passed 30 years old. In addition to Bynum, Bryant has also just undergone knee operation. It is certain that he will not perform at his best level during the initial period of the games.

Both sides have strong and weak areas. They have to see how to strengthen their strong areas and improve their weak areas so that they will be able to defeat the other side and many other teams.

Will they meet!? Let the Battle begin ?? like the page Lakers vs. Miami and join the discussion.

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